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Frequently Asked Questions

How to contact Energie 2030 ?

  • Per e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Per phone: 0 9030 2030 (1,50€/minute)

Already a customer? check your bill, where the direct phone to the energy sales department is mentionned (zonal tariff)

  • Per post-mail: Energie 2030 Agence, Breite Wege 1, B-4730 Raeren

Who is Energie 2030 ?

Founded in 2001 by 36 members of the cooperative Energie 2030 SCRL, Energie 2030 Agence is active in the sector of renewable energies. Research Office then project developer and finally power supplier, Energie 2030 is a Belgian company that implements the following objectives: foster the rational use of energy and the production from renewable and sustainable sources.

Energie 2030 is a Belgian company that produces and supplies 100% green and sustainable from exclusively renewable sources and is awarded as such by Greenpeace and the Region of Brussels-Capital thanks to the first and presently only green supply license granted by the authorities. Energie 2030 works also with cooperatives and organizations that commit every day to a more sustainable world. She gives partner cooperative members a rebate on their bill.

Lastly, Energie 2030 is developer and investor in production projects, among others for large consumers.

Who are Energy 2030’s customers ?

Private of business customers, the very large majority of the electricity clients of Energie 2030 are members of the cooperative Energie 2030 SCRL or another partner cooperative, like Clean POwer Europe SCE. Our customers indeed not only want to consume electricity, but also invest in its production. This allows them to serve a local & clean investment and also to benefit from a rebate on their bill. Be part of the solution!

Why a payphone ?

Our team member who answers takes the time to do it correctly and thoroughly, even if you are not a customer. But we don’t want our customers to have to carry this cost.

Our customers have access to a normal line to zone tariff.

At Energie 2030, we think that a right tariff is to serve our customer at the best of our possibilities, not make them carry our marketing cots. Once again, a resolutely different and fair idea !

Why choose for Energie 2030 ?

Choose for Energie 2030 is to choose a really sustainable electricity: a fair price, power exclusively from renewable sources, civil and local participation thanks to the co-operatives. When you choose a supplier, think of all the impacts of your choice: is price the only thing that counts? Or do you want that the money you pay has positive impacts in the society you live in? For us, the choice was rapidly made: we want both! An attractive price and a responsible company policy.

Rebate for members of the cooperative Clean Power Europe SCE ?

The members with 1 share or more are given a rebate on “Clean Power Europe”. The rebate bein 100€/year, they pay no fix supplier-fee.

Become a customer

How to become a customer ?

Fill in an online contract of download it and send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or to Energie 2030 Agence, Breite Wege 1, B-4730 Raeren.

Is being a member of the co-operative compulsory?

Yes, it is only possible to subsribe a new contract with the energy supplier Energie 2030, if you are member with at least 1 share of Clean Power Europe cooperative. 

Do I expose myself to a fine by leaving my former supplier ?

No, it isn’t allowed anymore and is against the law. You only have to respect a one month notice period. Becoming a customer by Energie 2030, we will ensure the administrative process towards your former supplier, you do not need to send him a registered letter, we take care of it all !

Do I expose myself to a power outage ?

No. The continuity of power delivery is ensured by the distribution net management company, whichever supplier you choose.

Is change advantageous ?

Yes. Being it for price or sustainability, Energie 2030 is an attractive supplier. Not only in order you to become our client, but much more, so that you stay with us.

Does Energie 2030 deliver electricity in my region ?

If you live in Belgium, the answer is YES! Energie 2030 delivers electricity Belgium wide.

I’m moving out

I’m an Energie 2030 customer and I’m moving out, I want to keep you informed of my new address

Fill in the “moving” form and send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I’m moving out and I want to be supplied by Energie 2030 at my new address

Fill in an online contract


What’s the content of my electricity bill?
Who gets what I pay for ?

Your electricity bill is dived up into Who is this money for ?
The fix price of the power per se supplier
+ Fixed fee supplier
+ The green certificates and other certificates producer of the electricity
+ Transport costs Elia
+ Distribution costs your distribution facility
+ Usage of the meter your distribution facility
+ Fees, dues and contributions, taxes Federal, regional, local entities
= Price on your electricity bill

Installment bill

Every month or every trimester, you receive an installment bill. Its amount is calculated thanks to your last year’s consumption data that your distribution network manager conveys us.

Settlement bill

Your distribution network manager conveys us your meter-reading generally once a year. The already paid amounts from the installment bills and the amount of the actual consumption since last settlement are compared. If you paid too much, you are reimbursed of the difference; otherwise, you have to pay the balance.

I received a payment reminder

Pay the due amount as soon as possible. When paying on time, you avoid unnecessary reminder fees.

VAT Rate

The VAT rate on electricity is 6% for residential customers (as off April 1st, 2014). For the other customers, the VAT rate remains 21%.

Price of the electricity

Energie 2030 only offers fix prices. It is simple and you know what to expect. Our prices are among the most competitive because sustainable electricity doesn’t have to mean “more expensive”.

Our prices reflect our costs actually linked to the power supply. Out of question for us to hide marketing costs or get back a rebate we would have given at the entry. Because we prefer to have satisfied customers that stay with us for a long time.

Click here to find our tariffs.

Protected customer

You wish to ask for the statue of “protected customer ?

If you are living in the Walloon Region: contact your CPAS/OCMW, your debt mediator or the body that grants you this allocation. They will deliver you an attest of this statute every year, which you must turn in if we do not get it automatically. All the information regarding the matter is on the website of the CWaPE.

You live in Brussels Region: ask your form per phone 0800/97 198. All the information regarding the matter is on the website of BRUGEL.

You live in the Flemish Region? You will then be supplied by your distribution network manager and not by a “business”-supplier. All the information regarding the matter is on the website of the VREG.

Natural gas

We hope to supply gas from 2018 onwards.

Solar panels

I have solar panels, can I become a customer ?

Yes! And if you are member of the co-operative Energie 2030 SCRL, you benefit one of the lowest fix fee on the market !

My panels produce more electricity than I consume, can Energie 2030 buy the surplus ?

If you are a private customer with an electricity meter that goes for- and back-wards, unfortunately not. This electricity goes to your distribution network manager that uses it to cover network leaks. It is not given to your supplier.

If you are a professional with a consumption and a feed in meter, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get an offer.

Electricity meter

EAN Number

It is a numerical code of 18 digits that begin with 54 and holds information on a delivery point of electricity or of gas. The EAN number enables to identify with certainty an access point, which reduces the occurrence or misunderstanding in the data exchanges between the network managers and the suppliers (e.g. consumption data, name, address of the delivery, … ).

This code doesn’t identify a person of a consumer. They are for good attached to a point of delivery located at a defined address.

You have one EAN number for your electricity meter and one for gas. You can find your EAN number on your bill. You also can contact your distribution network manager, they will help you find it thanks to your meter number.


Meter-reading is undertaken by the network manager or by one of its sub-contractor. It is normally done once year around the same period.

Power outage

Contact your network operator. His number is mentioned on you electricity bill. You also can find it here:

Find your network operator in the Walloon region

Find your network operator in the Flemish Region

In Brussels: Sibelga –Power outage line 02 274 40 66


You have another question ? 0 9030 2030 (1,5€/min.)