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Energie 2030 Agence

Supplier and producer of electricity Belgiumwide, Energie 2030 Agence wants to bring forward renewable energies in a sustainable way. Partner in many innovative projects linked to energy and strives for a fair wage for the producers and a fair tariffs for its customers. 

Energie 2030 supports producers of energy from renewable sources, from a private person to an industrial partner, offering solutions to the energy-related challenges that they face. 

Our company makes a positive difference in the energy sector. For us, sustainability and citizen ownership is not a trend of a bargain we surf on, it’s were our identity takes its roots. 

Together, we can reach a more sustainable energy, more citizen oriented and responsible. Energie 2030 lives up to the Belgian national quote “Together we are strong”. 

The future of our energy is decided upon every day in our decisions and actions.

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Co-operative Energie 2030

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