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A “green” electricity is not necessarily sustainable, as revealed and stripped down by Greenpeace in its study on power suppliers.

The electricity is qualified as “green” thanks to GoO (Guarantee of Origin). They can originate from facilities that use renewable feedstock used in a non-sustainable way (pellets made out of softwood lumber, short rotation crop harvested on a land that has been cleared out for this purpose, non-renewable natural gas used in “quality” co-firing process,…) We don’t want that!

Energie 2030 scores anew with the maximum in Greenpeace’s study on sustainability of power suppliers. To choose Energie 2030 as your supplier is too chose what’s the most sustainable on the Belgian market!
Watch Greenpeace’s film (banner on the right) or go to their website for the full study results and… TALK ABOUT IT AROUND YOU!

In a concern of always achieving more, Energie 2030 is the first power supplier to have asked and be granted a green supply license in Brussels. Herewith, Energie 2030 commits herself to only supply electricity from renewable sources, today and in the future. And as you understood, we choose sources that are as respectful as possible of the environment.